Learn to Knit with the Crocus Needle Arts School

The Crocus Needle Arts School in Calgary offers
private knitting classes for beginners
and for those more experienced.

Unlike other knitting schools,
the Crocus Needle Arts School offers PERSONALIZED instruction.
Learn to knit the way YOU want to learn, at YOUR own pace.

(Keep scrolling - there's a cool bonus further down this page!)

Why should you learn to knit?

When you know how to knit, you can have:

  • A feeling of accomplishment
  • Something warm to wear for yourself or a lucky friend who receives your gift
  • Or even something HOT or COOL - there is a lot of knitting in the current fashion scene
  • A way to keep your hands busy. You will keep them out of the snack bowl to keep the yarn clean.
  • Stress relief: knitting is a very calming activity. (Well, ok, some complicated patterns could negate this benefit!) See this article for some more information.
  • A way to do something productive when you have some waiting time:
    • waiting for your dentist appointment
    • waiting at your childís hockey game
    • waiting for your chauffeur to get to your destination (it also helps you to ignore your spouseís driving habits and makes your marriage last longer!).

Knitting is back in fashion. And it is not your grandmother's knitting! There are some really fun and funky patterns out there.

How easy is it?

Knitting is easy to learn. There are only four building blocks in learning to knit. There are many different stitch patterns in the knitting world, and they are all variants of the following:.

  • Cast on
  • The Knit stitch
  • The Purl stitch
  • Cast off or Bind off

In about two hours, at a beginner knitting class, you can learn the four building blocks. With this knowledge, you can create some simple projects. The teacher will provide you with some patterns that use just these basic stitches.

What if you want to learn more? After you have practiced the basic stitches, arrange for the second beginner knitting class to learn how to read patterns, how to do some fancy stitches, and how to sew knitted pieces together.

To reserve the time slot that is best for you, contact the Crocus Needle Arts School.

Do you want to learn at your own pace?

Have you ever taken a course where the instructor went too fast or too slow for you? That will not happen at the Crocus Needle Arts School private class.

Where else can you get such personalized instruction? Contact the Crocus Needle Arts School to schedule your class.

Are you left-handed or right-handed?

The Crocus Needle Arts School instructor is able to knit both left-handed and right-handed. Admittedly, she is a bit slower going left-handed, but that will probably help a left-handed person to learn it easier!

Where else can you get both right and left handed instruction? Contact the Crocus Needle Arts School to schedule your class.

Do you want a confirmed class date/time?

Have you ever registered for a class that was cancelled because not enough students pre-registered? With a Crocus Needle Arts School private knit class, that is not an issue. The class will be held at the mutually agreed time, unless an emergency arises.

To set up a confirmed date and time, contact us now.

Do you want to protect your privacy?

Have you ever had to provide your credit card number and pre-pay for a course? Are you concerned about that loss of privacy? At Crocus Needle Arts School, all you need to do is phone or e-mail to arrange for a class. You can pay (cash or cheque) when you arrive. We trust you.

It is so simple to arrange for a class. It just takes one phone call or e-mail. Contact us now.

BONUS: On-going support

If you take a Crocus Needle Arts School private class, there is a huge BONUS for you.

In fact, I think that it is the BEST part about taking this beginner class in knitting.

From that point on, you have FREE email-based support.

Let us say that you have gone home from the beginnerís class, and you have decided to stretch yourself a bit, and you bought a pattern and some yarn, but you are not sure how to proceed.

Just email the knitting instructor with your question, and you will get the answer that you need to continue working on the project.

Even if you need help with each line in the pattern, you can still ask the instructor for assistance, and it will not cost you a cent!

And you do not have to travel to get this assistance. Your paid attendance at the beginner knitting workshop includes the help.

Of course, if you would prefer a face-to-face conversation about your challenge, then just arrange another private session - you will only pay for the time that is required. (Email support is free, because I can provide it when I have a spare moment. But to meet with someone face-to-face requires scheduling my time.)

But, most importantly, you will not be left to struggle alone with knitting problems. Register for a private knit class now.